A great coffee roaster wanted a vibe as cool as the kids they are helping.

We decided to have some fun.


Cool Kids Coffee Roasters

Carefully sourced, perfectly roasted coffee going the extra mile to help out the “cool kids” on the block. We love the coffee almost as much as we love the mission (and the packaging).


For a mission this meaningful, we knew we would need to give the identity some character.

CK Diamond stack NO FILL Cream.jpg
CK Diamond FILL Navy-100.jpg
CK Circle Lockup Navy-100.jpg
CK Diamond stack FILL Cream.jpg

We decided to take it a step further, and created an entire entourage of coffee-loving characters.

Screen Shot 2019-10-03 at 9.59.14 AM.png
Cool Kids Characters Cup-01.png

 Our characters may be a little kooky,

Cool Kids Characters Cup-01.jpg
Cool Kids Characters Cup-01.png